What Kind of Insurance Do I Need for My Short Film?


When you’re getting ready to shoot a short film, there are preparations that need to be made: will you have a crew or will your cast need to assist? Can you get the shots you need while staying under budget? What kind, if any, insurance do you need to include in your budget to make sure your production is covered in case of an emergency?

While you may think you can get away with not purchasing insurance for the duration of the shoot, it is important to make sure each component of the production is covered, from your equipment to the editing computer. These are the types of insurance you should make sure are included in your short film budget:

General Liability

General liability insurance covers a broad spectrum of things, especially property damage or any bodily harm sustained from the production. It is important to have as a baseline to the rest of the production. However, general liability insurance will not cover things under your control: it will cover damages that can result in a lawsuit. Since it is not a cure-all, you will need to purchase other types of insurance for your production.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

If a member of your cast or crew is injured during an on-set accident or illness, worker’s compensation insurance will be paid out to them. Worker’s compensation is mandatory for any business with employees, so a film set is not exempt. If an employee suffers from an injury, worker’s compensation benefits can help prevent a lawsuit.

Automobile Liability Insurance

If any vehicle is used to transport cast, crew or equipment to set, you will need to purchase automobile liability insurance. This will cover you in case of injury or property damage when operating a vehicle during production, through working hours including breaks.

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