Protecting Your Equipment from Theft


Theft can happen anywhere, at any time. If your video, music or photography gear is critical to how you make your living, protecting your equipment can make a huge difference between being able to take a job and turning down work. Since you can never be too careful, make sure you follow these steps to help keep your equipment safe.

Create a Spreadsheet of Your Equipment

During a slow afternoon, take an opportunity to photograph each piece of gear, noting all serial numbers and distinguishing marks and features. Put all of this information in a spreadsheet you can keep readily available, both on your hard drive, your email and the cloud. If there are scratches, stickers or any visible damage, make sure it is noted on the spreadsheet. The more information you are able to note, the easier it may be to recover the gear and any footage left on it.

Add Unique Customizations

If your equipment is new or doesn’t have any damage, add some changes to make it look more unique. From switching out knobs and guitar strings to bright colors or adding stickers or painting your cover, making your gear stand out will make it easier to steal and easier to recover.

Stay Vigilant

The easiest way to make sure your equipment stays safe is to keep a close eye on it. Keep your gear in secluded areas when performing in crowded rooms and keep it covered in your vehicle. Make sure your doors are always locked when stopping in transit.

Purchase Equipment Insurance in Boston, New York, Chicago & Los Angeles

The easiest way to make sure your equipment is protected against theft is to purchase insurance. If you are looking to make sure your gear is protected, contact Arts & Entertainment Insurance today! Arts & Entertainment Insurance can be reached by calling 800.676.9374 or by filling out our online contact form.

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