Why You Need Insurance for Your Student Film


With the semester starting up, you’ll be starting to plan out key projects throughout the year, from choosing which local and national film festivals you are going to submit projects to and scripting out and storyboarding longer films. Before you begin production on any of these projects, you should make sure you purchase short-term film insurance to cover each aspect of the production in case of emergencies.

What Does Student Film Insurance Cover?

Purchasing short-term film insurance make sure you and each production are covered for the following:

  • General Liability: The most basic form of insurance, basic liability covers property damage or injuries sustained from your production. If something happens that will require repairs or medical attention, you will be covered under the general liability insurance purchased for the duration. If you do not have general liability insurance, these costly expenses will need to be paid out-of-pocket, which can affect both your budget and your financials outside of the project.
  • Automobile Insurance: Accidents happen, and even if you are not using cars in your film you will need something to transport your cast, crew, and equipment from location to location. If an accident occurs that affects the vehicle, from a collision with another car to equipment falling and smashing a window, repairs will be covered under your insurance policy.
  • Errors & Omissions: Will much of your production be shot outside, therefore be dependent on the weather? If you lose shoot days throughout the course of your film, errors and omissions insurance will help you keep your production on-budget. Errors and omissions also cover lost footage due to natural disasters, such as fire, and equipment malfunctions, such as corrupted SD cards and hard drives. If you are in need of additional shoot days to make up the lost footage, errors and omissions will cover the cost of keeping the cast and crew on-hand for reshoots.

Student Film Insurance in Boston, Chicago, New York & Los Angeles

If you are interested in purchasing production insurance for your projects this summer, contact Arts & Entertainment Insurance today! We can answer any questions you have about the types of coverage you may need. Arts & Entertainment Insurance can be reached by calling 800.676.9374 or by filling out our online contact form.

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