The Importance of Errors and Omissions Insurance


Your production requires several types of insurance to cover your equipment, cast, crew and potential accidents on set. One you may not think about is errors and omissions insurance. Errors and omissions cover financial losses that stem from mistakes that occurred during filming and post-production, from missed shots to production delays due to weather and missing cast members.

Why Do I Need Errors and Omissions Insurance?

There are moving parts throughout every production, from the crew making up a team on a video shoot to the security on a tour and an editor touching up photos. Issues can arise at any moment, which can lead to spending over your budget to make up for lost time and resources. If your crew is assigned to come in on a day but your cast is not told, or someone hires caterers for the wrong day for a show, you will still need to pay anyone who shows up expecting to work. If a hard drive is fried and footage is lost, you will need to pay for additional shoot days to replicate anything that will need to be replaced. Instead of coming up with costs out of pocket, errors and omissions insurance will cover the costs to keep necessary staff and equipment available to finish the project in a timely fashion.

The key to errors and omissions insurance is to purchase it before you need it. If you are purchasing insurance coverage for your production, contact Arts & Entertainment Insurance. We provide a wide variety of insurance for applications across the entertainment field, including film, photography and musical endeavors. Arts & Entertainment Insurance can be reached by calling 800.676.9374 or by filling out our online contact form.

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