What Kind of Insurance Does My Festival Require?


With Boston Calling happening this weekend and Coachella in the rearview mirror, festival season is well underway! Before the fun begins and the bands start to go onstage, it’s important that the organizers and acts are protected by unexpected circumstances. Before the crowds arrive, make sure your event is covered by the following types of insurance:

General Liability Insurance

The most important type of coverage you need for your event is general liability insurance. Required by most venues, general liability insurance is the base layer of coverage, covering the entire scope of the event. It covers potential property damage from equipment and attendees, as well as injuries that may occur during the event. Your general liability insurance will cover any repair, medical or legal costs that may stem from your events.

Vendor & Liquor Liability Coverage

You’re probably going to have several stations available for festivalgoers to purchase food, drinks, and merch. Each vendor you hire will need to be responsible for their own stations and potential claims that can arise, such as contaminated food or injuries from boxes and wires left out of the station. If your vendors are not covered by their own general liability insurance, as the event organizer, you will be held responsible for paying damages.

If you are planning to serve alcohol at your event, you will also need to make sure that you and your vendors purchase Liquor Liability insurance, depending on who has procured the liquor license. This can be added to a general liability policy and covers any injury that may occur while intoxicated at your festival.

Event Cancellation Coverage

No one likes to cancel shows, but unforeseen circumstances may require it. If an act cancels due to illness or travel problems, you might not have time to secure a replacement band. You also have to take weather into consideration if the event is being planned outdoors. Cancellation coverage will help you recoup event costs if you need to grant refunds.

Event Insurance for Festivals & Concerts

If you haven’t purchased coverage for your event, contact Arts & Entertainment Insurance today! We can provide comprehensive event insurance, making sure your performers, attendees and organizers are covered. Arts & Entertainment Insurance can be reached by calling 800.676.9374 or by filling out our online contact form.

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