Why Do I Need Worker’s Comp Insurance On My Event?

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As you work on finalizing plans for your summer tour or weekend-long festival, your touring manager may begin discussing the different types of insurance needed to cover your event. Several types of insurance will be needed to cover each type of event, including worker’s compensation insurance. You may be wondering when and why worker’s comp will be needed, especially when you are producing an event.

Why Should I Purchase Worker’s Comp Insurance for an Event?

You can’t pull off larger-scale events on your own. Each breakdown and setup will require the help of contracted roadies, organizers and venue employees to get the stage, seating, and lighting cues prepared in an efficient manner. Microphones and instruments will need to undergo soundchecks to check for sound quality and voltage to keep the performers safe. The equipment will be heavy, requiring the proper use of dollies to move into place. The sheer number of moving parts to put your event together can leave the production vulnerable to accidents. Worker’s compensation insurance will cover salary and medical benefits for any injuries sustained by employees while working for your event.

While laws regarding worker’s comp vary by location, most states require at least a baseline of insurance to cover your event. It protects you and the production from paying medical expenses out of pocket for employees injured while lifting heavy things, standing too close to lights or pyrotechnic displays. You should hold regular training sessions to make sure everyone on staff knows the proper lifting procedure and the safety protocol to avoid injuries at the workplace.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance for Events

Purchasing worker’s comp will keep your production in compliance with state and national laws and protect you from personally taking on the financial burden of injuries sustained on the job. Whether you are looking to cover a one-time event or an entire tour, if you are looking to purchase worker’s comp insurance, contact Arts & Entertainment Insurance LLC today. Depending on the length of the event, we can provide you with long or short-term insurance that will cover the production across the country. Arts & Entertainment Insurance can be reached by calling 800.676.9374 or by filling out our online contact form.

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