Film Production Safety Tips

filmmaker adjusting camera focus

Safety is a critical element of a film set. Sets are chaotic, with actors and crew members constantly on the go, and preventing injury is vital to keeping everyone safe and on schedule. Follow these tips to make sure your set runs efficiently and keep your entire crew protected.

Make sure everyone is wearing proper footwear and clothing

Between wires laid across the floor and heavy equipment placed around the set, walking carefully can be a challenge. Throughout the day, you may also encounter blown out or broken glass from the hot lights or require heavy lifting. By making sure each member of the crew is wearing closed toes shoes, feet can have an added layer of protection from sharp objects on the floor or being weighed down by heavy boxes, lights, and rigs. Everyone on set should also be dressed appropriately to not get caught on equipment or accidentally brush into the lights. Make sure everyone knows to dress in functional clothing, without baggy sleeves or legs.

Make sure cords are properly maintained and managed

Cords are going to be everywhere on a set, from powering the lights and monitors to capturing the correct audio. Before filming begins on each set, it is important to make sure each cord is properly secured to avoid disruptions in functionality and to prevent tripping. At the end of the day, make sure each cord is properly coiled and secured against a wall to allow for walking space.

Always make sure the camera is secured

The camera is likely the most expensive piece of equipment on the set, and it is obviously vital to capturing the project. Even if your camera is set up on a tripod, monopod or rig, you can never assume that it is fully secured on the mount. People may naturally get distracted mid-adjustment, which can be catastrophic for the device. Prior to leaving the camera unattended, make sure it is fully mounted and secured to the tripod or placed in the center of a table.

Short-Term & Long-Term Production Insurance

Insurance will cover on-set accidents, from liability insurance to marine and cast insurance. If you need to purchase insurance for your film shoot, contact Arts & Entertainment Insurance LLC today. We are licensed nationwide and can provide you with short or long-term insurance, depending on the length of the project. We also offer an insurance program for student film projects. Arts & Entertainment Insurance can be reached by calling 800.676.9374 or by filling out our online contact form.

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