What Do I Need To Know About Liability Insurance?

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The time before going on the road is a busy one: between writing last-minute jokes or polishing up songs, business decisions regarding the tour may slip through the cracks. A major decision you need to make before hitting the road, regardless of how long tour is, is the liability insurance purchased to cover any mishaps or emergencies. Here’s what you need to know about liability insurance before you start touring.

Do I Need to Buy Liability Insurance?

If a claim is made against your act, you will be faced with paying expensive legal fees in order to defend yourself and investigate the claim, all before paying the damage. Liability insurance will cover the cost of legal fees and any damages you are deemed legally liable for. Depending on the event, you may need to be able to cover the venue. As an additional insured entity, the venue will be able to share your coverage for the duration of the event and can use that to pay for defense if claims arise, up to the policy limits. Most venues require coverage under your liability policy, which can lead to extra costs for you. Most insurance providers charge an additional fee for certificates of insurance, which can lead to an extra charge of up to $50 per show for the artist.

What Does My Insurance Need to Cover?

As an artist, you should purchase commercial general liability insurance. This will protect your from liability claims or eventual lawsuits for injury and property damage stemming from your event. Based on your touring schedule, you may elect to buy a single event or more long-term policy. If you are only performing at one event, such as a festival or a one-night-only show, a short-term, single event policy will be enough to cover your liability. If your act is going on the road and performing in different areas and venues, a long-term, annual policy will better cover your needs. The policy limit may vary based on venue preference. If the venue has specific coverage requirements, you will need to purchase a plan to meet their terms. Insurance requirements will be listed in the performance contract, and is an important item to note before meeting with your insurance provider.

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