Tour Risk Analysis


As a touring artist, it is crucial to make sure you are properly protected. Now more than ever we are seeing a rise in lawsuits and a higher burden of responsibilities placed on bands and their manager to have proper risk management programs in place that protect them from losses.

When it comes to tour risk analysis there are a few steps you will want to take to determine what type of coverage you will need.

First, you will want to conduct exposure analysis. This involves examining the individual, band or organization to identify exposures and assets that will need protection throughout the tour.

Next, you will want to conduct an audit of existing coverage and policy. Review the existing insurance programs in place. Are there places where the coverage could be improved? Do you have loss control to minimize claims? Are there aspects of your coverage that doesn’t necessarily apply to your tour? Find out exactly what you need coverage for and what you don’t.

One way to do this is to develop a risk management checklist for concerts and other events associated with the tour including appearances and meet and greets. Entertainment events face a set of unique risks so by working with a broker who specializes in Touring Performer Insurance, like Arts & Entertainment

Insurance Brokerage, we can help you get the exact coverage you need for a successful tour. Arts & Entertainment’s touring performance insurance is designed for musical groups, baby bands, and house bands, cover bands, touring performers, Entertainers, Comedians, and Speakers. This program covers a wide range of factors including

  • -Non-Appearance
  • -Cancellation
  • -Custom Touring Bus
  • -Workers’ Compensation
  • -Umbrella Liability
  • -Musical Equipment
  • -Foreign General Liability
  • -Musical Instruments
  • -Music Errors & Omissions
  • -Third Party Damages
  • -Contract Indemnification
  • -Aircraft Liability
  • -Kidnap & Ransom
  • -Adverse Weather
  • -Business Manager E&O


If you are a touring performer in need of insurance coverage make sure to contact the trusted professionals at Arts & Entertainment Insurance Brokerages.

We have been helping protect performers for over 35 years and can help protect you from the risk of financial loss no matter the situation!

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