Why Do I Need Production Insurance?


Production insurance is probably one of the most important things a filmmaker needs to make sure they have before shooting the project. Why? Three reasons, legal, contractual and asset production.


Legal Reason You Need Insurance


Almost every single state in the US and many abroad requires that Production Company or filmmakers have some form of insurance prior to filming. For example many states require workers compensation insurance. Workers compensation is a no-fault system that helps protect you if your cast or crew members get injured while filming. This is implemented by state law.


Contractual Reasons You Need Film Insurance


This reason for insurance is simple. If you are under contract with a production company or record label you will need to account for insurance coverage as part of the contract fulfillment.


Film Insurance for Asset protection


Filming is an expensive project. You will have a lot of valuable equipment and assets you will want to protect.  Asset protection will cover you against damage and loss to assets like production equipment, or liability for people that work in the cast and crew.


Film insurance is extremely important to have before you begin a production. There is a long list of programs designed specifically to the needs of your project. Check out our many insurance programs covering film and video production, commercial photography, audio production/music and more!

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