Why Do I Need Errors and Omissions for my Film?

Searchlight and silhouette of the camera and cameraman.

Errors & Omissions protects filmmakers from lawsuits pertaining to theft of idea, copyright infringement, libel, slander, invasion of privacy, defamation, product disparagement, trade libel, infliction of emotional distress, right of publicity, outrage and outrageous conduct, false light, wrongful entry, false arrest or malicious prosecution. In short, E&O covers you for any issues that may arise from the content of the film or frivolous allegations. Coverage will also cover the attorney fees and legal costs in order for you to be vindicated.

So why do you need Errors & Omissions, well E&O is a requirement for distribution deals with studios, television, cable networks, DVD and internet sites. It is required of the filmmaker to protect them from claims that may result when the production is released.

To obtain coverage filmmakers must complete an applicate outlining the film including a script and full synopsis. Our Errors & Omissions program for Film Production and Entertainment provides highly specialized Liability coverage for Film, TV, Entertainment and Media related businesses protecting against the catastrophic impact of lawsuits.

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