Insurance Tips for Bands on Tour

band concert

Touring can be a stressful hectic time for bands, filled with late nights and long drives. A lot of planning goes into a tour and a little insurance planning before heading out on tour can go a long way. There are many things to consider before going out on tour and while every circumstance is different these are the key exposures that you should consider.
Your instruments and equipment are an integral part of a successful tour and the Equipment and instruments will be loaded & unloaded again and again. While on tour you will want to invest in floater coverage. Floater coverage allows you to be covered wherever you are. Floater insurance is not specific to any locations so they extend to wherever your gears is, on the road on stage and everywhere in between. You will also want to make sure that your policy includes any different counties that your tour will take you to.
It is also important to know just what your policy covers before heading out on tour. Does your policy cover theft and accidental damage? Does it include if gear is stolen from a vehicle or if left unattended? Will your insurance policy pay for renting new gear if yours is lost stolen or damaged? When it comes to insurance on tour it is important to know what you can expect.
Arts & Entertainment Insurance Brokers offers full touring insurance packages designed for musical groups, house bands, cover bands, touring performers, comedian and speakers. If you are planning on going on tour don’t let your insurance slip through the cracks. Contact Arts & Entertainment Insurance Brokers today to discuss your insurance options.

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