Unanticipated Costs when Shooting Overseas


There are many benefits to filming overseas from intriguing exotic scenery, foreign tax incentives to locations and ambiance you couldn’t find in America. But Filming overseas or in a foreign country can also lead to many unexpected costs. If you plan on filming overseas there are a few important costs you will want to keep in mind.

Foreign Production Services

While overseas you may need to hire a local production service company to pay your bills to locals using foreign currency.

Crew Expenses

Special crew expense are often higher when filming overseas. Some countries don’t have the same expertise in filmmaking and you will need to fly in a special crew. If you are working in European country often times it is cheaper to import the crew from places like England but this results in added costs for traveling crewmembers. When it comes to bringing in your own crew in places like China there are many restrictions.

Shipping Costs 

When traveling to shoot a film you will also need your equipment along for the ride, and shipping costs for film equipment can get pricey. You will need everything from lights, sound, wardrobe, art, props, cameras and other equipment it is often cheaper to ship it than it is to fly with it.


When filming in a foreign country where you do not speak the languages translators are a must. A local translator or foreign guide should be available throughout your shoot to help navigate you and your crew through cultural differences. Having several spread out throughout departments and location is a good idea.

Additional Insurance

Depending on your location and country specific needs, while shooting overseas you will need to invest in additional insurance. Arts and Entertainment Insurance Brokerage provides foreign production insurance designed for US-based production companies shooting outside the United States and Canada for up to a year. Coverage available includes Inland Marine, General Liability, Contingent Automobile Liability, Non-owned/Hired Automobile Physical Damage, & Workers Compensation.

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