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Annual Production Insurance/D.I.C.E

The Annual Production Insurance/D.I.C.E (Documentaries, Industrials, Commercials, Educationals) Program can cover multiple projects on an annual, renewable policy.  The premiums are based on the annual Gross Production Costs.


Rental Equipment

Owned Equipment

Props, Sets, Wardrobe

Third Party Property Damage

Extra Expense


Office Contents

General Liability

Excess Liability

Nonowned/Hired Automobile Liability and Physical Damage

Workers Compensation

Coverage Definitions

Inland Marine

Miscellaneous Equipment – Coverage for Owned and/or Rented Camera, Light and Grip   equipment.

Rented Props, Sets and Wardrobe – Coverage for Rented Props, Sets and Wardrobe.

Negative Film, Tape or Digitalized Image – Protection for loss or

damage to the Negative, Tape or Digitalized Image.

Faulty Stock, Camera and Processing – Covers the loss or damage to raw film stock, tape or soundtrack by faulty processing or faulty developing.

Third Party Property Damage – Property in the care, custody and control of the Production that is destroyed or damaged.

Office Contents – Covers Office Property including furniture and computers.

Extra Expense – Covers the Production if a location is destroyed or damaged and the shoot has to be moved with time and money being lost.

General Liability Insurance

General Liability – Protects the public from the negligence of the Production Company.


Non-owned/Hired Automobile Liability – Protects the public from the negligence of the Production Company if the Production Company causes injury or property damage while driving a rented, loaned or borrowed vehicle.

Non-owned/Hired Automobile Physical Damage – Protects the owner of a rented, loaned or borrowed vehicle for damage to the vehicle caused by the Production Company.

Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation – Provides coverage for compensated and non-compensated cast, crew, and volunteers if they are injured on the job.  Coverage is excluded for owners and officers of the Production Company

Eligible Productions

"The Making of" Videos



Community TV Interview

Corporate Video

Demo Reel Shoot

Digital Video

Direct Sale Videos

Director's Reel



Educational & Training Film

Experimental Film

Feature Film

Festival Reel

Film Promotion

Independent Feature, Low Budget



Instructional Video

Live Action Shot

Miscellaneous Production

Motion Picture

Music Video

Non Airing Pilot

Photography Shoot

Pick-up Shoot

Point of Sale Video



Promotional Video

Public Access Program

Public Service Announcement

Reality Based TV Show

SAG Experimental

SAG Limited Exhibition

SAG Modified Low Budget

Sales Video

Short Film

Soap Opera

Spec Commercial

Spec Production

Television Pilot

Television Series

Television Special

Thesis Film


Training Video

Video Biography

Video Game Shoot